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Mebor team is always available for your questions.

General FAQ

1. Do you adapt your machines to the needs of the user?

Yes we adapt every machine to each customer. We've already designed and made some brand new machines to please our customers. We also monitor the needs on the market, and to those we adapt our machines.

2. Do you ensure training of the operator, that is going to work on a Mebor machine?

For each new Mebor machine we ensure training of the operator – after doing the assembly. Training is especially important for machines with electronic guidance. We are also available for any questions after the training.

3. Where can we take a look at Mebor machines?

You can take a look at our machines at Mebor company headquarters, on many fairs and also at the owners of Mebor machines, who can certainly give you useful information about our machines. If you would like to see a machine in action, feel free to ask us where you can see Mebor machines in your area.

4. Do you supply band saw blades?

Yes , we supply quality band saw blades, from a manufacturer with which we cooperate for many years. We always have band saw blades in stock and we can send them to you right away.

5. Do you supply circular saw blades?

Yes, we also supply tested circular saw blades.

6. Do you organise transport of your machines to the customers?

Yes, we can organise transport of our machines to the customers, if the customers would like us to. We usually do it, when transport of a Slovenian transport company is cheaper, than the one from the customer's country.
And we of course always advise customers about the size of the trucks.

FAQ about band saws

1. Why choose a Mebor band saw?

  • Because Mebor band saws are the result of more than 27 years of experience in the sawmill industry and machine manufacture, combined with new technologies and innovations.
  • Because they have a specially robust and strong construction.
  • Because we use reliable, tested and quality components, from manufacturers we have been cooperating with for many years.
  • Because they are endurable and reliable (the first Mebor Band saw from 1982 is still in action).
  • Because they have automatic electronic guidance, which makes the machine work automatically and is simple to use as well.
  • Because only one worker is needed to work on a Mebor band saw.
  • Because they have precise electronic measuring and quality cut.
  • Because they offer high capacity, thanks to: fast functioning of hydraulic system and shifts, use of wide saw blades, automatic electronic guidance system and thanks to the use of big saw blade wheels (1000mm – 1400mm in diameter).
  • Because we have a well spread network of dealers and services (spare parts in stock). For new markets we also ensure quick service and supply spare parts.
  • Because we adjust every band saw to the needs of the user – customer.
  • Because they bring the most for your money and offer excellent ratio between price and quality.
  • Because we have sold more than one thousand band saws all over the world.

2. Which type of a Mebor band saw should I choose?

According to your needs, we can advise you, which type of a Mebor band saw is an optimal choice for you. Besides that we also advise you, which machines you should also buy with the band saw (circular saws, transporters, maintainance machines), to achive your desired results.
What to take into consideration:

  • desired capacity of cutting (m³/day or m³/year),
  • what type of wood (soft, medium, hard or tropic),
  • minimum and maximum length of wood,
  • maximum wood diameter,
  • average wood diameter,
  • what is your final product;
    According to these information we can advise you and prepare an optimal offer.

3. Is it better to use a band saw with wide or with narrow blades?

We believe a band saw using wide blades is a much better choice. Mebor band saws use wide blades. The biggest advantage of the wide blade is higher cutting speed, which brings a bigger capacity. Besides the speed, wide blades also cut more precisely. They are more endurable and have longer life period; we can sharpen them a lot of times and also renew the stellite.

4. Why are Mebor band saws usually without a seat on the main part of the machine?

The operator’s position is at the beginning of the rail, to where the band saw pushes the boards, when automatically removing them off the log. From this position the operator fully controls the machine and supervises the automatic board removal. Besides that the operator has better visibility than from a seat positioned on the band saw.
Of course we can also make a band saw with a seat on the main part of the machine.
The operator usually stands at the beginning of the rail and supervises the automatic board removal, but we can also make a command board with a seat, which can also have a function of adjusting the height of the seat to the height of cutting.

5. Do Mebor band saws work automatically?

Yes, Mebor band saws work automatically – Mebor system. They are controlled with electronic guidance Unitronics with Mebor program, which is the result of years of development. While cutting the operator only programs the cutting, supervises the automatic board removal and controls the hydraulic system. All the rest is done automatically. With Mebor system only one worker is needed to work on the band saw.
The first automatically functioning Mebor band saw was made in 1996.

6. How many workers are needed to work on the Mebor band saw?

To work on a Mebor band saw only one worker is needed – the operator, this is made possible with the automatic Mebor system.

7. Why don't Mebor band saws have speed adjusting with a joystick?

Speed adjusting with a joystick is not accurate, because it changes according to the operator’s pressure on the joystick, which means the operator has to be careful all the time not to change the speed, which demands a lot of the operator’s attention. If he puts too much pressure on the joystick, the saw blade is not cutting straight anymore and it can also get damaged. This is why Mebor band saws have a potentiometer for speed adjusting. This way the operator can focus on other things. The operator sets the speed and changes it only if it is necessary.
To return to the beginning of the log, the operator of a Mebor band saw can use three different preset speeds, or he can also use the potentiometer to change the speed. The electronic system automatically sets the height of the machine according to the thickness of the boards and makes all the movements of the band saw automatic. This way the operator can focus on maximum wood yield and on automatic board removing.
We can also make a band saw with a joystick, if a customer wants.
Mebor band saws offer an option of automatic speed adjusting, according to the load of the engine. This means the electronic system automatically adjusts the speed of cutting - automatically sets the maximum suitable speed and simultaneously keeps the quality of cutting.

8. Does it take a lot of time to assemble a Mebor band saw?

No, it takes only one or two days to assemble a Mebor band saw. It depends on the size and equipment of the band saw. Therefore the assembly is simple and quick.

9. What do we need to prepare for the assembly of a Mebor band saw?

All you need to prepare is a straight concrete floor and a suitable power source.



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